March 30, 2018

Sip News

 Well yous certainly came down to see what gin vibes we had going on… Therefore, we have GREAT news! We would like to introduce to you or re-introduce to those of you with a good memory – GIN CLUB THURSDAYS! Every Thursday, bring some pals, drink all the gin, have a reallll good time! Garnish your own goodness with the huge variety of fruits available on the bar at no extra price. 

Also new this month you would of seen the introduction of Sip Sundowners club! This is your official invite – happy hour prices when the weather hits 20 degrees or above. 

But in the biggest news reveal yet! We have a small selection of cocktails becoming available on Thursday 17th May! Small launch party to introduce these bad boys to you with free food… who can resist! 


Much love, 

Team Sip x 





If you go down to the Sip today you’re sure for a FABULOUS surprise! 

It may be Friday 13th but its a great day at ours with our new gin delivery. This week we’ve gone wild and wonderful getting some of the much loved gins back in stock but also adding new and different gins to our forever changing menu! 

You Yorkshire Tea fans are going to love us again… we have the return of Masons Yorkshire Tea Gin. 

BY ORDER OF THE PEAKY BLINDERS… yes, we have the Peaky Blinder – Spiced gin

Sip supporters we have the Whitney Neill Rhubarb and Ginger – you gotta get it quick before it goes! 

And several bottles more but we won’t tell all our secrets as we will introduce you to them in sort sort of fashion. 




Team SIP  x