We often hear people say that ‘business is business’ but we refuse to believe it is ok to do business with anything less than the moral principles we set ourselves in our personal lives. Ultimately, what we hope is that the existence of Sip Club makes the world a better place, not just a more fun one.

Sip Club has been set up to benefit the community in two major ways. First of all by ploughing money back into into it. Instead of handing your hard earned cash over to a faceless conglomerate safely divested in a tax haven, we try, where possible, to buy local goods that are produced on a small scale. This supports small businesses for whom the creation of a good or service is truly a labour of love and keeps skilled trades alive as well as cutting down those all important food miles.

Going beyond that, we hope to be able to create small scale producers in the community and do all we can to support those interested in selling their good to an audience, whether that means helping source training, stocking their product behind the bar, or ensuring they get a place at one of our ‘Made in M32’ craft fairs.

The second way we hope to help the community is by providing the space for local people to meet whether to attend a community meeting, take part in one of our events or simply spend time relaxing with friends. We are honoured to host many of the local community groups and meetings and endeavour to organise a range of events throughout the year which can be enjoyed by a host of different people from within our highly diverse community. Gin tasting not your cup of…tea…? Why not come bring the kids along to a play day or attend one of our Sunday evening talks?

If you can think of a way of making Sip Club serve its community better, do get in touch!