Suppliers are the spice of life. It’s the amazing local food and drink we stock at the Sip Club that we get really excited about and we’d like to shout out from the rooftops about just how good our suppliers are. If you tried something at Sip Club that you enjoyed do please spread the word – tweet it, post about it or just to your mates. With small suppliers it’s the word of mouth recommendations that make all the difference.

Ringway Brewery

Ringway is a micro brewery set up in 2012 with a huge interest in championing English hops. They produce easy-to-drink session beers below 5%. The brewery is based in Stockport and is big enough to allow them to produce 2 brews per week.                                                                  @RingwayBrewery

Deeply Vale

Taking its name from a secluded valley in the Pennines, the legendary location of an infamous 1970s music festival, the Deeply Vale brewery in based in Bury. Brand new to the Manchester beer scene, this little gem only came to life in the second half of 2012 but the DV8 featured has already won awards.                                                             @DeeplyVBrewery


OK, so our wine might not be too local, but we are working with a very local merchants! Lynn and George Wroblewski are a family-run independent wine merchants in the centre of Manchester who pride themselves on stocking lesser known produces and championing the smaller scale vintner.                                                                           @smithfieldwine


There’s nothing quite like a family butcher. Neil Wrigley took over from his dad who has had a butcher’s shop in Stretford Mall since it opened in 1969 and before that elsewhere.  His ham comes from Cheshire Oak and his brother Tim is responsible for the pork pies. He doesn’t go in for Twitter but you can find him on the marketplace at Stretford Mall.

Burt’s Blue

Burt’s Blue began in the cellar of a Claire Burt’s house in Altrincham in 2009.  Since then it’s gone from strength to strength and though it moved from its cellar to the Cheshire Cookery School in 2011 it still retains its cottage industry feeling. In 2010 the cheese won gold in the Nantwich Cheese Awards.                                                                              @burtscheese

Mrs Kirkham’s

Perhaps the best know of our local line up, Mrs Ruth Kirkham is the third generation of cheese makers in her family. She and her husband began producing cheese from their 40 strong herd of dairy cows more than 30 years ago and although it can now be found at most good deli counters, the Kirkhams still maintain very much a family business, welcoming their son into the business in 1993.

Moss Cider

The ultimate marriage of innovation, social enterprise and foodie credentials, we’re really excited about the future of the Moss Cider Project. They will swap your windfalls for half their weight in golden cider and have just gone commercial alongside setting up their own mobile orchard – 2014 will be a big year for Moss Cider.                                                                   @mosscider

Tree of Life / UpManchester

Treasure troves of used but beautiful furniture and unlikely nick nacks, these centres are saying all the right things about upcycling as well as being right on the shabby chic button.                                                            

Stretford Bakery

Andy Garlick loves his bread and he especially likes it with plenty of rye and lots of seeds. So he makes it by hand at his (very) small-scale Stretford Bakery. Tastes great with artisan cheese and a dollop of pickle. Andy is passionate about producing good healthy loaves with a host more taste and texture than your average supermarket buy.

Canter Semper

Emma and Sarah hale from just down the road in Stretford and make up this piano and vocal duo, defined by their intricate harmonies. Their strong vocals and simplistic piano melodies result in an original take on classic songs.                                                     @cantersemper


Not local at all but well worth a mention as the first fair-trade cola, made using sugars from Malawi and Zambia.

Gently Preserved

These are the fruits of a gentle French garden, harvested and preserved in a Stretford kitchen. Bernice is probably better known locally for her strident views and infectious laugh but her jams taste bloody lovely as well! 

Shirley Ann Photography

Shirley’s best known for her atmospheric shots of Stretford and Manchester but she’s agreed to lend her talent to a slightly more animated subject for the Sip Club pop-ups. You can check out a few of the photos she took at the last Sip Club event in the gallery section. If you’d like a higher resolution image, get in touch.